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Open Type Fuse base

NH series low voltage fuse bases are available in four different sizes. These fuse bases are used in Ac 50 Hz rated voltage to 500 Volts, rated current up to 630 Amps for protecting electrical equipment from overload & short circuit. These fuse base are manufactured from high electrical grade Bakelite powder, has high impact strength, anti tracking properties & non inflammable. Contacts are made from EC grade copper with silver plating, which hold the fuse link firmly & reduce the temperature rise. Products are being used by different industries like, Electrical, automotive, chemical, pharmaceuticals & many more. All the products are manufactured as per IS 13703 part II Sec I.

Technical Specification:  Range: Size: NH00, 01, 02, 03
  Rated Voltage: 415V AC, 50 Hz
  High rupturing Capacity 80 kA
  Interchangeable with all compatible brands
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