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BS-88 Fuse link
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HBC fuse links are made from zircon quadrite ceramic body, having good resistance to withstand against change in high rise temperature. The contacts are made from EC grade copper, silver element is used for low watt loss & better performance of the fuse link. All the products are manufactured as per IS 13703 Part II Scection I.
There are three types of fuselinks available in this category.
A) Staggered tag clip fixing fuselink
B) Offset tag bolted type fuselink
C) Central tag bolted type fuselink
Available rating: (A)   2 to 32 Amps
  (B)   6 to 125 Amps
  (C)   80 to 630 Amps
Staggered tag fuse link :
This fuse links are generally used with closed type Bakelite fuse fitting mainly for control circuits.
Offset tag bolted type fuse link :
This  type of fuse links are used with closed type Bakelite fuse fittings as well as in bolted type SFU’s.
Central tag bolted type fuse link :
This higher range fuse links are mainly used in bolted type SFU’s
Salient Features: Low power consumption
  Low watt loss
  Interchangeability with all compatible brands
  Temper proof characteristic.
  Breaking capacity of 80 kA at 415 VAC
  Very economical protection device 
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